FORTiTUDE podcast: Service & Traditions 11.13.23

#FZSD has a long tradition of serving #FZCommunity and a long tradition of honoring those who have served. Get a taste of the unique tradition East High and its feeder school, DuBray Middle, are building to honor those who serve. “Giving back can look many different ways,” says DuBray Middle Principal Dr. Jennifer Griffith. Check in on just a few of the ways our students and staff join forces to give back. “Fort Zumwalt has done a really good job of creating a culture that shows in every way, shape or form that we honor service and that we lead with service,” says East High Principal Ashlee Vaughn.

Featuring: DuBray and East High's combined Veterans Day celebration. West High Leadership on the districtwide effort to support No Hunger Holiday.

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