Project Eagle Packs


The Progress South Elementary PTO is excited to announce the adoption of a weekend meal program called Project Eagle Packs (PEP) that provides food on the weekend for kids in our community that struggle to have enough food to get them through the week. 
Identified children are provided with meals to take home over the weekend. With your help, we can close the hunger gap in our community and give the opportunity to these children to have a brighter and healthier future. 
Through proper nutrition, we can see many benefits in providing this program like a better immune system, higher IQ, decreased hospitalizations, longer attention spans, better attendance, increased self-confidence and higher academic achievements. 
In the days ahead, Progress South staff, PTO members, and community members will work together to get this non-profit, beneficial program up and running. Every Thursday, bags filled with a two days worth of kid friendly meals will be packed. On Friday, they will be distributed to the children to be taken home. We ask for your help in giving us a helping hand. Through fundraisers, food drives, and donations we can build our school’s food pantry to give the children the nutrition they need.