Earth Club

Hello All!

In the 2019-2020 school year, Earth Club will be collecting plastic bottle caps to be recycled into a bench for PSE! There is a company called Green Tree Plastics that runs a program titled, ABC (A Bench for Caps) Promise Partnerships. This company offers a FREE bench in exchange for plastic lids! We would love for you to start collecting your plastic lids and caps at home to be donated towards this cause. 

In Earth Club, the members will sort the bottle caps donated for certain types of caps that are accepted through the ABC program. We would like to ask that you be cautious of the caps you are donating. This sorting process is tedious and the more acceptable caps we can get from you, the shorter this process will be for Earth Club! 

Below you will find a list of example caps and lids that are acceptable. There will also be a flyer coming through PeachJar as a reminder to keep saving your caps/lids! 

Thank you for taking the time to recycle materials that can be reused. 

Recycle today for a better tomorrow.


Earth Club Sponsors

What Types of Caps are ACCEPTABLE?

Snap on: butter tub, coffee can, yogurt lids, hairspray lids, deodorant lids, etc.

Twist on: medicine, detergent caps, drink bottles (gatorade, water bottle, milk), etc. 

Spout: squirt condiment caps

Flip top: body wash lids, ketchup caps, etc. 

NOT acceptable Caps

Any cap with metal

Pumps with a metal spring inside (some lotion bottles or shampoo lids)

Fast food drink lids